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Specialist Diploma in Interior & Landscape Design (SDILD)

Event code: 74015


This programme can be taken as separate stackable modular certificates. The certificates can be taken in any order (within 3yrs). Upon completion of all modular certificates, you will be awarded the Specialist Diploma.


The Specialist Diploma in Interior & Landscape Design (SDILD) is structured to equip you with the knowledge of principles and theories in interior and landscape design, and how they are applied in real life. From idea conception to planning and creating spaces, you will explore new technologies to improve your design solutions and gain critical knowledge of building and material science to understand the behavioral, social and physical requirements of design in the built environment. Upon graduation, you will qualify to work as technical specialists in the interior and landscape design industry.


Certificate in Interior Design (Residential & Office)
MODULAR CERTIFICATE A: 10 Feb - 23 Apr 2020
Certificate in Interior Design (Hospitality & Retail)
MODULAR CERTIFICATE B: 9 Jun - 20 Aug 2020
Certificate in Landscape Design
MODULAR CERTIFICATE C: 1 Oct - 12 Dec 2019


Duration: 11 weeks per modular certificate

Frequency: 2 evenings per week
(some courses may be held on Saturdays)

Venue: BCA Academy

Fees (inclusive of GST):

Intake Modular Certificate A Modular Certificate B Modular Certificate C Full Programme without Funding
2019 S$1,966 S$1,967 S$1,967 S$5,900 
2020 S$2,166 S$2,167 S$2,167 S$6,500 

SDF Funding of S$130 per modular certificate for company-sponsored Singaporeans & Singapore PRs. To apply, login to skillsconnect portal @ as early as 30 days before each modular certificate start date and closes 30 days after modular certificate start date.

Assessment: Continuous and Project Based

Click HERE to download the brochure


Registration closes 2 weeks prior to modular certificate commencement or when the class is fully subscribed, whichever comes first. Registration can remain open until course commencement date if training spaces are still available.

Visit BCA Academy Online StoreFront (OSF) to register: 

Course codes:
74015A - Module A
74015B - Module B
74015C - Module C

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