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Hydraulic Excavator Operation

Event code: 44018

Hydraulic Excavator Operation

A 64 - hour course leads to a Certificate of Successful Completion (CSC) recognised for hydraulic excavator operation
This course aims to equip both new and inexperienced workers with the knowledge and skills on the safe operation and basic maintenance of the hydraulic excavator.
Two third of the course will focus on practical excavator operation such as routine inspections, digging, trenching, backfilling, levelling, machine traveling etc. The other one-third comprises of classroom lectures. The course will cover the following topics:-
  - General knowledge on earthworks and surveying
- Principal components, power and transmission systems of an excavator
- Daily inspection and weekly maintenance of the excavator
- Pre-start and shut-down procedures
- Trenching, ditching and slope cutting techniques
- How to maintain stability in operation 

- Good practices for backfilling, travelling and loading excavated materials onto vehicle
- Safety requirements
- Interpret drawings, calculate earth quantities, levels, slopes and width of excavations.
^  Some parts of the course may be conducted in the evenings.
 If you are a SME company that qualifies for Enhanced SDF Funding support, please kindly submit hardcopy application to us for processing. Do not apply via online mode.

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