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Specialist Diploma in Architectural Technology (SDAT)

Event code: 79004


This programme can be taken as separate stackable modular certificates.
The certificates can be taken in any order (within 3yrs). Upon completion of
all 3 modular certificates (A,B,C), you will be awarded the Specialist Diploma.

The Specialist Diploma in Architectural Technology will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to work as Architectural technologists in this revolutionary changing age of digital design.
Topics will include project drawing documentation, local building development guidelines, building regulations, integrated online submission of plans for approval, Architectural detailing and good practices. You will also get to explore green building designs and work on creative universal design solutions for the built environment.
Upon graduation, you can look forward to career opportunities in Architectural consultancies, Contractors and technical support sectors, such as Assistant Architects, Technical Officers, Architectural Coordinators, BIM Modellers or Architectural Product Specialists.


Certificate in Architectural BIM Submission
MODULE A: 19 Feb – 25 Apr 2019

Certificate in Sustainable Architectural Design
MODULE B: 10 Jun – 29 Aug 2019

Certificate in Architectural Detailing & Building Services
MODULE C: 1 Oct – 12 Dec 2019


Module B: Registration closing on 5 Apr 2019
Duration: 11 weeks per module
Frequency: 2 evenings per week
(some courses may be held on Saturdays)

Venue: BCA Academy

Fees (Without subsidy, inclusive of GST) :
S$5,500 (Certificates taken within one year)
S$1,833* (Module A or B) / S$1,834* (Module C)
(Modules to be taken separately, max. candidature of 3 years apply*)
Assessment: Continual Assessments (No exams)


Submit the completed application form and supporting documents (listed under Entry Requirement) to before application closing date. The three modules may be taken in any order, as long as the candidate does not exceed a maximum of three years of candidature.
Application period open now for Module A or full SDAT (Modules A + B + C)

Download Brochure & Application form


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