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Specialist Diploma in Building Information Modelling (SDBIM)

Event code: 74056


Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become one of the most exciting developments in the building and construction industry in recent years. As an integrated design and documentation tool used to enhance communication and collaboration among all the project stakeholders, BIM has already begun changing the way architects, engineers, contractors and building owners work together. With strategic implementation, BIM will significantly improve the design and construction process through more integrated project coordination. BIM has also been identified as one of the key technologies to be adopted under BCA’s S$250-million Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF) to help the local construction industry improve productivity and enhance its capability.

The Specialist Diploma in Building Information Modelling (BIM) aims to impart in-depth knowledge on BIM fundamentals and develop strategic skills for BIM project planning and implementation. It will focus on BIM applications for effective design analysis, productive design and construction coordination and holistic facility management. BIM standards and guidelines as well as BIM project case studies will also be included in this course.

Upon graduation, participants can look forward to career opportunities as BIM Project Coordinators, BIM Modelers/Operators, BIM Consultants/Specialists, and BIM Managers.


The Specialist Diploma in BIM is a 5-month part-time programme. The objectives of this programme are:
• To equip participants with fundamental knowledge for the adoption of BIM including the skill-sets required for the desired change to processes in the building lifecycle;
• To familiarize participants with BIM standards, guidelines and strategies for BIM project planning and implementation; and
• To equip participants with relevant skill-sets to use BIM for design analysis and project coordination among different parties and disciplines


• BIM Fundamentals
• BIM for Facility Management
• BIM Standards and Implementation Strategies
• BIM for Design Coordination and Documentation
• BIM for Design Analysis
• BIM Case Studies
• BIM for Construction Planning & Coordination
• BIM Project


21st INTAKE: Starting on 14 Jan 2019
DURATION: 5 months
TIME: 2 to 4 times a week (some courses may be held on Saturdays)
VENUE: BCA Academy
FEES (incl. of GST): S$6,500 (before subsidy)

For eligible candidates, WTU Funding is available:
• Up to 90% for Singaporeans / PRs
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