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Stanford CIFE-BCA Advanced Management Program Virtual Design & Construction

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STANFORD CIFE-BCA Advanced Management Program 2017 
Virtual Design & Construction

2017 Intake (5th Run) / 25 - 31 Augst 2017 @ Stanford University, USA

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is an integrated approach that combines Building Information Modelling (BIM) and advanced management methods to improve productivity. Speci?cally, it has been proven to increase pro?tability, improve reliability and predictability before project execution, hence enhancing project ef?ciency.

The VDC certificate program was first introduced in 2008 by the Stanford University’s Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE). The intended outcome of the program is to enable industry professionals to effectively apply VDC to obtain higher return for their businesses and capital projects. To date, hundreds of participants in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia including Singapore have benefited from the program, many of whom have successfully implemented VDC in their projects. 

To enable participants to 
1. Establish their vision, strategy and implementation plans for VDC in support of business and project objectives.
2. Apply VDC through key aspects of Building Information Modelling, Integrated Concurrent Engineering and Process & Production Management.
3. Develop speci?c skills in collaborative use of VDC methods, planning and managing actual VDC projects.


The Stanford CIFE-BCA Advanced Management Program in Virtual Design and
Construction comprises four modules to be delivered over a 8-month period.

Module A : Introductory workshop in Singapore
(15 Aug 2017, BCA Academy)
This workshop introduces the VDC concepts to the participants, preparing them for the module B.

Session leader
The session will be led by CIFE instructors.

Module B : 6-day VDC training course in USA
(25 - 31 Aug 2017, Stanford University, USA)
Through lectures, dialogues, workshops and learning journeys to VDC-savvy firms and/or technology evangelists, participants are equipped with a strong understanding on theory and practice of VDC, and practical skills that are useful for their VDC project implementation.

Session leaders
Professor Martin Fischer, Dr Calvin Kam and Mr Tony Rinella

Module C : 6-month implementation in Singapore
(6 monthly check-in sessions (half day each), tentatively commencing in Sep 2017, BCA Academy)
Participants embark on a 6-month practicum to explore in-depth the practical implementation of VDC in their areas of work, and share their progress through monthly report. The CIFE Instructors and fellow participants will provide feedback and advises in each check-in session.

Session leaders
Dr Calvin Kam and Mr Tony Rinella

Module D : 2-day integration experience workshop in Singapore
(Tentatively in Apr 2018, BCA Academy)
To conclude the program, participants share their VDC implementation experience, results, learning points and insights gained during the implementation period.
The CIFE instructors will also provide guidance for the participants to plan VDC direction for the company and future projects.

Session leaders
Professor Martin Fischer and Dr Calvin Kam

The target participants for this course are Middle Management level and BIM Managers/BIM Specialists from all the stakeholders of the built environment industry.

Download Full Brochure & Application Form here

For enquiries on administration and logistic matters
Please contact Ms Chamine Jong at 6248 9912 or email her at

For enquiries on the program details
Please contact Mr Ken Mong at 6248 9981 or email him at


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