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Specialist Diploma in M&E Coordination (SDME)

Event code: 74033


This programme can be taken as separate stackable modular certificates.
The certificates can be taken in any order (within 3yrs). Upon completion of
all 3 modular certificates (A,B,C), you will be awarded the Specialist Diploma.

The growing complexity of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services in commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructural projects have made the role of an MEP coordinator increasingly important. Proper planning and coordination of MEP services are central to the success of building projects and play a key role in achieving building aesthetics, operational efficiency and optimal building maintenance.

The Specialist Diploma in M&E Coordination is designed to meet the increasing sophistication in building design as demanded by the market. It aims to equip individuals with technical knowledge of industry’s best practices as well as managerial skills to undertake both conventional and specialised building projects. The Specialist Diploma in M&E Coordination is recognised by BCA as a technical qualification that is acceptable for MEP work head registration under BCA’s Contractors Registry.

Upon graduation, participants can look forward to become MEP engineers, property executives and facilities executives. The Specialist Diploma also serves as a stepping-stone for its holders to progress to technically advanced positions such as project managers or MEP managers.


Certificate in Mechanical & Plumbing Systems
MODULE A: 7 Jan – 29 Mar 2019

Certificate in Electrical & Telecommunication Systems
MODULE B: 6 May – 26 Jul 2019

Certificate in MEP Planning & Site Management
MODULE C: 2 Sep – 29 Nov 2019


Module A: Registration closing on 28 Dec 2018
Duration: 11 weeks per module
Frequency: 2 evenings per week
(some courses may be held on Saturdays)

Venue: BCA Academy

Fees (Without subsidy, inclusive of GST) :
S$6,200 (Certificates taken within one year)
S$2,066* (Module A) / S$2,067* (Module B or C)
(Modules to be taken separately, max. candidature of 3 years apply*)

Assessment: Continual Assessments (No exams)


Submit the completed application form and supporting documents (listed under Entry Requirement) to before application closing date.
The three modules may be taken in any order, as long as the candidate does not exceed a maximum of three years of candidature.
Application period open now for Module A or full SDMEP (Modules A + B + C)

Download Brochure & Application form

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