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Installation of Structural Supports For Air-Con Units

Event code : 41005

Installation of Structural Supports For Air-Con Units

A 17 - hour course leading to a Certificate of Successful Completion Recognised by Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for Air-con Installers


As our society becomes more affluent, the demand on the use of air-conditioning has increased. This has resulted in a steady increase in the use of small a/c units in residential, commercial and industrial premises. Most of these a/c units are installed in high-rise buildings over public areas. Besides good design of the supports, good workmanship in installation is very important. Hence, it is important for a/c installers to be properly trained on the appropriate methods of installing a/c unit supports.

Workers who are involved in air-con unit installation should attend this course.


This course enhances participant's skills and knowledge on the proper and safe installation of supports for condensing unit and window unit. It covers the tools and equipment of the trade, different types of steel angle support, substrate, appropriate installation techniques and the necessary safety precautions to be taken during the installation process.

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