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Lorry Crane Operator Course / Competency Test

Event code: 44071/44072/44073/44074

Lorry Crane Operator Course (LCOC) - 
A 2 ½ -day course and assessment leading to a Certificate of Successful Completion

Lorry Crane Operator Competency Test (LCOCT) - 
A ½ day Competency Test leading to Certificate of Attainment


From September 2011, all lorry crane operators are required by MOM to undergo mandatory training to enhance their competency and safety consciousness.

These Lorry Crane Operation Course (LCOC) and Lorry Crane Operator Competency Test (LCOCT) have been developed by the BCA Academy in accordance to the curriculum development advice (CDA) of Workplace Safety and Health Council.


Participant must pass the theory assessment before they are allowed to sit for practical course/practical test.

Intake: Regularly subject to minimum class size enrolled. (Confirmation of training place is based on a first come, first served basis)

Venue: BCA Academy, 200 Braddell Road, Singapore 579700

Fee with GST

(44071) 1-day Theory course + assessment - $96.00
(44073) 1 hour Theory assessment only -  $40.00
(44074) 3 hours Practical assessment only - $150.00

Fee with GST - (44072) 11/2-day practical course + assessment)
$500.00 (without subsidy)
$194.00 (with SDF subsidy*)
$79.43 (with enhanced funding for SME*)
$79.43 (with Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy for self-sponsored applicant#)

*Skills Development Fund (SDF) is available for this course. Prior to the registration, company is required to enrol their staff (Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident) through SSG’s SkillsConnect system at Eligible applicants pay the remaining fee (after deducting SDF Funding) and GST.

# Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy
- Eligible for Singaporean aged 40 and above only
- Individual applicant shall submit completed application form, last 3 month’s pay slips, and payment together with NRIC for verification at BCA Academy
- Applicant will be required to sign a declaration for the subsidy

Note: Course applicants may be eligible to receive course fee funding from government agencies subject to terms and conditions. If the applicant fails to fulfil the terms and conditions of the funding such that BCA Academy (BCAA) is unable to claim the funded portion of the course fee from the funding agency, the participant will be
required to pay BCAA the funded portion of course fee that is no longer claimable by BCAA.

Download brochure and application form

To check the status of your course applications, please log into the Customer Self Service Portal (CSSP) at
If you need assistance on using the CSSP, please call our customer service hotline: 6248 9999, from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

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