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Executive Programme

In support of the national effort to transform Singapore into a green and sustainable global city, the Academy initiated several training programmes to nurture and develop managerial and technical capability in such niche areas in green building design and technology, renewable energy, and sustainable facility and environment management. To enable our industry leaders and practitioners to learn from the experience and knowledge of leading experts, the Academy collaborates with established teritary institutions (such as Carnegie Mellon University, Singapore Management University, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Stuttgart University and Technical University of Braunschweig) to conduct advanced management and executive development programmes.

These executive programmes create a platform to facilitate discussions on emerging issues, as well as exchange of ideas and technical expertise for the industry leaders.

BCA-SMU-SSG Advanced Management Programme 

The BCA-SMU-SSG Advanced Management Programme on Productivity and Leadership Programme Development is a flagship programme tailored for the building & construction industry. The programme aims to provide participants with a broader strategic vision of the construction business environment at a time when the industry is experiencing growing complexities & increased competitiveness. Drawing on the rich experience of industry leaders, this programme is part of BCA’s Built Environment Strategic Leadership Development initiative to develop a quality workforce which would anchor and advance the building and construction industry. This programme helps to elevate the way leaders manage for performance excellence, business transformation and organizational growth to deliver a quality and sustainable built environment.

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BCA - Stanford CIFE Advanced Management Program

The Stanford CIFE Advanced Management Program on Virtual Design and Construction is jointly offered by the BCA Academy, CIFE, SPS and IBI-bimSCORE to enable the local industry to reap the possible benefits of VDC. Through lectures, site visits and practicum conducted in Singapore and the United States, participants will be provided with the opportunity to learn from experts from the CIFE, SPS, binSCORE, and other VDC experts, and apply what they have learnt in their organizations or local projects.

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Carnegie Mellon-BCA EDP in Leadership in Environmental Sustainability

This programme is a collaboration between BCA Academy and the Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Inaugural in 2009, the 4th run was conducted in April this year. The trip to USA offers the participants a global perspective of the sustainability movement by comparing geo-political and socio-economical policies as they relate to and influence the development of the built environment. The participants will  be exposed to the state-of-the-art energy saving technologies, design and management support tools and best practices for project and business decisions so as to enable them to present and manage the difficult trade-offs between business and environment goals, and to find the appropriate integrated solutions for higher energy efficient building design, construction and management, thus saving resources, reducing waste and enhancing company profitability. 

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BCA - Germany EDP in Innovations in Sustainable Design and Technology

Facilitated by EnEd Asia Pte Ltd, this programme is a collaboration between BCA Academy and the following leading academic and research institutions:

• Centre of Applied Research – Sustainable Energy Technology, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences;
• Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, the largest solar energy research institute;
• Technical University of Braunschweig

Launched in 2010, the programme is conducted in different cities of Germany. While the 3rd run last year saw the delegates learning from the experts and visiting sites in Frankfurt, Berlin, Kassel and Braunschweig, the 4th run, to be conducted in July this year, will bring the delegates to Freiburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim and Frankfurt.

This programme sets out to provide a strategic platform for leading building professionals in the area of green building design and technology with focus on renewable energy sources. It aims for the participants and leading experts to discuss ideas and concepts which demonstrate the importance of an integrated interdisciplinary approach to using planning and simulation tools, energy efficient technologies and innovative building materials when realising buildings that provide a maximum level of comfort while demanding a minimum level of energy; expose participants to the smart grid and the passive house concept and the use of extremely efficient building envelopes to achieve ultra-low energy building design that have significantly low energy consuming structures, and equip participants with knowledge on solar cooling, sustainable construction, and self-sustaining eco-settlements and models which demonstrate concepts of sustainable communities.

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