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Sustainable Acoustics

Event code: 76086

In Singapore’s densely populated environment, noise is often cited as one of the challenges of natural ventilation strategies. With a basic understanding of acoustic issues, designers can do much to reduce noise levels and thus, reduce the dependence on air conditioning. The use of suitable acoustic materials can offer significant advantages from the sustainability perspective.
This course will address noise issues and challenges in naturally ventilated environments such as schools, hospitals, and residential developments in urban areas. It will also cover noise issues related to facades as well as recycled and natural materials for acoustic materials. Case studies of new and refurbished buildings will be used to illustrate the successful implementation of sustainable acousticdesign.


• Human response to sound and noise
• Quantifying noise levels, with steady and unsteady sources
• Loudness and pitch

Criteria and Standards
• Acoustic criteria used in Singapore
• Other standards

Sound Outdoors
• Noise barriers, traffic noise control techniques and acoustic conditions in urban environments
• Effective planning to create sustainable acoustic environments
• Noise mapping and planning to reduce noise levels
• Soundscaping to deal with external noise

Sound Indoors
• Good acoustics in indoors
• Privacy, sound insulation and partitioning
• Impact noise and vibration

Sustainable Acoustic Materials
• Materials that absorb and reflect sound
• Low carbon and natural materials for acoustic treatments
• Quantifying the acoustic properties of material

Building Acoustics
• Planning the building layout to reduce expensive acoustic treatments
• Particular issues with building types (schools, hospitals, offices)
• Acoustic issues when re-using old buildings

Building Services
• Noise limits for internal and external areas
• System noise inside and outside the building
• Techniques to reduce ventilation noise and the impact on energy use

Loudspeakers and PA systems
• Basic concepts, loudness, intelligibility
• The interface between loudspeaker systems and the architectural design

Practical session
• Measuring acoustic conditions
• Testing of acoustic materials (a visit will be made to the TUV acoustic testing laboratory)

Case studies in Sustainable Acoustic design

Engineers, building professionals, project managers, building developers and owners, facility managers and other stakeholders involved in green building projects.

Certificate of Attendance (COA) will be awarded to participants who meet the attendance requirement.

9th Run: To be confirmed
Duration: 2 days
Time: 9.00am to 5.30pm
Venue: BCA Academy
Fee (incl of GST): S$670.00
Refreshments will be provided.

In keeping with our green and sustainable practices, course notes will be available in e-format.


PEB: Pending
BOA-SIA: Pending
SCEM-CPD: Pending

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