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CORENET e-Submission System Training

Event code: 72016

CORENET e-Submission System Training

The Construction and Real Estate NETwork (CORENET) is a key IT programme driven by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to reengineer the Singapore construction industry for a quantum leap in productivity and quality, through the use of information technologies.
CORENET e-Submission System (eSS) is a G2B (Government to Business) Internet-based system that allows industry professionals to submit their projects related documents electronically to regulatory authorities for approval without the constraints of time, nor physical distance. It is a one-stop, non-stop convenient point of access for round-the-clock submission via the internet, converges all regulatory application requirements, from development & building plans compliance, to building maintenance and certification of statutory completion.
The System is designed to handle all plan and documentary submissions and approvals across the whole building project life-cycle, including:
• Processing of documents related to issuance of planning approvals
• Building plans approval • Structural plans approval
• Temporary occupation permit • Certification of statutory completion
• Fire safety certification

Objective of the course is to equip users with the skills and knowledge to navigate and use eSS, especially in submitting their applications online. To date, eSS is capable of allowing the public to submit electronic plans and documents from their homes and offices to more than 10 different government agencies. To ensure users conduct e-submission effectively, plenty of hands-on exercises are catered for.

Getting started
• Register as e-Submission user
• Download software

Using ESPro
• Create project and member information
• Download form template
• Add forms and external files to a project
• Assign recipients to files
• Sign files digitally
• Pre-submission checks / Send submission
• Resume failed submission
• Import / Export Project
• Add Project
• Sending / Replying correspondence
• Obtain updated project properties from eSS to ESPro

Using eSS Online Functions
• Download Agency’s Correspondence
• Extract Signed Files from Netrust Digital Signer (NDS)
• Search, View and Update Project
• Add/ Update Project Member
• Remove / Re-appoint Project Member
• Search and View Submission
• Downloading of Submitted Document(s)
• Grant Document Access
• Request for Withdrawal of Submission
• Request for Withdrawal of Project
• Online Submission

DORIS LIM SOH HOON, Principal IT Associate, Information Technology Department
Doris is a Information Technology Officer at Building and Construction Authority (BCA). She has been involved in CORENET e-Submission System since 2003 and is one of the pioneer of CORENET e-Submission System (eSS) facilitator. She provides technical support and training to CORENET e-Submission System user, as well as takes charge of the system operations.

Certificate of Attendance (COA) will be awarded to participants who meet the attendance requirement.


Next Run date: To be confirmed
Duration: 1 day
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue: BCA Academy
Fee (incl of GST): S$430.00
Refreshments will be provided.


PEB - Pending
BOA-SIA - Pending

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