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Managing Project Teams Effectively

Event code: 77065

Managing people, in general, can be frustrating and demanding on one’s time and can result in increased stress levels, especially when we are so consumed in our daily work processes. Very often, project managers, site supervisors, facility managers and building executives are hassled by their site agents, subcontractors, material suppliers and building tenants over all kinds of issues and problems relating to inadequate site facilities, slow work progress, poor building maintenance, high rental fees, etc. Normally, people who lack effective management and interpersonal skills would only exacerbate such situations. Furthermore, the stress of handling difficult people and challenging situations can result in low productivity, low morale and high absenteeism within the team or an organisation.


The 2-day experiential workshop aims to teach participants practical solutions to effectively manage people by considering (1) what makes people difficult (2) how we could communicate effectively and manage people’s expectations, and (3) strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations.
Through interactive activities, role play and case studies participants learn how to apply the provided tools coupled with their interpersonal skills to deal with all types of work behaviour problems. Towards the end of the workshop, you should be able to develop a personal action plan that helps you manage your team more effectively.

• Introduction & orientation
• Self-awareness and behavioural styles of people
• What makes people difficult
• Understanding the needs of others
• Resolving conflict assertively
• Communication with power

• Strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations
• Guidelines for dealing with difficult situations
• Putting it all together: Preparing for peak performance
• Developing a personal action plan for success and the performance on site


MS SHERENA MISTRI-YIANNOUKA is the Founder and Country Manager of Dynargie Singapore which provides training and consulting businesses. Ms Sherena is an accredited trainer in the area of management and leadership training, interpersonal communication skills, general oral & written communication skills, presentation skills, personal effectiveness & team building. Her corporate clients include Ascendas, Keppel Land, and government bodies such as Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education, Monetary Authority of Singapore and Housing Development Board. Ms Sherena also taught People Management in BCA Academy’s BMSMA for Building Management Personnel course.


Certificate of Attendance (COA) will be awarded to participants who meet the attendance requirement.

Project managers, site supervisors, building owners, facilities managers, facilities executives and construction professionals who are keen to learn about people management skills.

18th Run:  25 & 26 Oct 2018
Duration: 2 days
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue: BCA Academy
Fee (incl of GST): S$920.00
Lunches and refreshments will be provided.

PEB: Pending
BOA-SIA: Pending

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