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Design of Flat or Irregular Slabs, Frames and Joints

Event code: 80019

Reinforced Concrete (RC) is the most widely used construction material in Singapore. In addition, RC structures are getting more complex requiring engineers to be increasingly reliant on computer-aided tools in their work. This course will equip engineers with technical knowledgeand tools to compare against software computations.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
• Develop knowledge on complex slab design, frame design, beams with openings, etc
• Understand the principles of Strut and Tie Model (STM), and apply STM in the design of disturbed regions of reinforced concrete structures.
• Apply STM to corbels, brackets, beams with openings and deep beams.
• Understand the function of deep beams
• Analyze and design of slabs using Upper and Lower Bound Methods – Strip Method and Yield Line Method.

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