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Explosive Powered Tools Operation

Event code: 45001


Explosive powered tools are commonly used in construction and renovation work to drive fasteners such as studs & pins into work surfaces such as walls & floors. The Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) requires all explosive powered tools operators to be trained. They must successfully complete an appropriate explosive powered tools operator training programme.

This explosive powered tools operator course is designed to prepare explosive powered tools operators to meet the MOM's requirement. Construction and renovation workers should attend this course.


This course teaches participants in handling the tools in a proper, correct and safe manner


The lessons are conducted in the form of lectures, video presentation and practical sessions.

-           Introduction

-           Regulations and safety requirements

-           Principle of fastening system

-           Power selection and positioning

-           Selection of correct fasteners

-           Loading and unloading procedures

-           Fixing to various types of substance

-           Routine check and maintenance of tools

-           Safety precautions and safe practices

-           Trouble shooting



-             English or Mandarin

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