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Formwork Safety Course For Supervisors

Event code: 73018


Partial or total collapse of temporary structures such as formwork and falsework is often the cause of such accidents. Some of these accidents had resulted in loss of lives and injuries to many workers. Furthermore, clearing the resulting wreckage was very time-consuming and expensive. It is therefore important for site personnel to acquire the knowledge on the safety requirements of such temporary structures.

One of the main causes of the accidents is due to inadequacy of supervision. Such accidents could be prevented if the supervisors had been equipped with knowledge on the proper inspection of the formwork and falsework before, during and after concreting. BCA Academy conducts the Formwork Safety Course For Supervisors to impart fundamental concepts with emphasis on formwork and falsework safety to participants.



The learning objectives are:

-   Apply the WSH Act and its subsidiary legislations and relevant Codes of Practice to the construction, erection, alteration or dismantling of any formwork structure in a worksite

-   List the roles and responsibilities of a formwork supervisor

-   Assist in carrying out risk assessment for formwork activities

-   Apply the fundamentals of formwork structure construction

-   Ensure formwork structure construction is in accordance with approved design

-   Identify job hazards and apply control measures

-   Inspect formwork structure before, during and after concreting

-   Respond to failure in formwork structure, fire and emergencies

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