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Behavioural Safety for the Construction Industry

Event code: 77018

Safety is influenced by a number of factors such as workplace environment, management’s commitment to safety, attitude or behaviour of working personnel towards safety, etc. Workers’ positive behaviour towards safety is considered one of the key factors in preventing accidents at workplaces. A successful introduction of behavioural safety process, focussing on identifying and reducing unsafe behaviour and reinforcing safe behaviour is one means of improving safety at workplaces.
Behavioural Safety is a methodology used to improve safety culture through change of behaviour of working personnel in an organisation. This methodology has been applied successfully in other industries like petrochemical and manufacturing and is gaining popularity in the construction industry.

Learning the behavioural safety approach will help participants to apply the concept of monitoring safe & unsafe behaviours of working personnel at their workplace and help to prevent accidents.

1. Legal Occupational Safety versus Mission of Behavioural Safety
The purpose of this unit is to set a mission for behavioural safety program and understand the duties of individuals with regards to workplace safety legal framework.

2. Principles of Unsafe Acts
This topic discusses the principles of unsafe acts and the balancing of negative and positive behaviours in the construction industry.

3. Developing Safety Behaviour Observation Checklist (Job Safety Analysis)
The methodology of changing unsafe behaviour to safe behaviour using Job Safety Analysis tool will be taught in this topic.

4. Communication and Feedback
One of the most powerful ways to identify unsafe acts at workplace is to gather feedback. This topic will discuss various effective communication skills and modes of obtaining feedback.

5. Safety Behaviour Observation and Intervention
This topic will enable learners to understand the practical and realistic approach to safety behaviour observation and intervention.

6. Measure the Success of Safety Behaviour Observation
Methods of analysing data collected from safety behaviour observation and measuring the success of behaviour observation will be discussed.

7. Behavioural Safety Implementation Model for Construction Industries
This topic discusses case studies specific to the construction industry on the application and implementation of behavioural safety.

This workshop will benefit all stakeholders of the construction industry who are involved in WSH operations. Specific target audience will be the senior management, project managers, WSH professionals such as WSH Officers, coordinators, Supervisory personnel & WSH Auditors, Site Supervisors, Engineers and other relevant personnel.

25th Run: 6 & 7 Mar 2019
Time: 9.00 am to 5.30pm
Venue: BCA Academy
Fee (Incl GST): S$490.00 (per participant)
Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

PEB - Pending
WSH-CPD - 14 SDUs (WSH Officers)
IES-ACES (REs/RTOs) - Pending (safety)

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