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BCA Academy

School of Graduate Development and Management

To create the best built environment for Singapore, the building and construction industry needs to be professional, progressive, productive and knowledge-based. By engaging the industry at the executive level, the School of Graduate Development and Management is fast grooming a steady pool of highly-skilled professionals in niche areas of specialisation.
Dedicated to Grooming Industry Leaders

The School of Graduate Development and Management (SGM) partners with well known institutions to offer postgraduate and undergraduate programmes that serve the different interests of our diverse students. Our bachelor and master degree programmes aim to educate and train industry stakeholders on the development, design, management, construction, operation and maintenance of green buildings and facilities. The school also offers certified courses in key areas such as sustainable design & energy efficiency, universal design, engineering & building safety; as well as facilities & construction management. These programmes and courses have been developed to equip professionals with specific skills as part of their continued professional development and are recognized and/or certified by the relevant authorities and institutions as approved training for specific purposes.
Specialist courses that are currently available include those on green building technology, accessibility & universal design, geotechnical instrumentation and design of steel & composite structures.  Professional certification courses include those leading to qualification such as Certified CONQUAS/ Quality Mark Manager, Green Mark Manager/ Professional, Energy Manager, Structural Steel Engineer/ Supervisor, Universal Design Assessor and Project Manager.    

A Proactive Facilitator of Industry Dialogues and Ideas Exchange

The School is proud to offer an on-going suite of seminars, conferences and workshops that serves to keep industry practitioners at the forefront of international development in respect of the built environment while at the same time provides a platform for the exchange of experiences, ideas and technical expertise.

The school also runs several industry-specific Executive Management Programmes aimed at nurturing senior executives of the construction industry to strategically drive their organizations for growth and competitiveness within the region.

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