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Specialist Diploma in Facility & Energy Management (SDFEM)

Event code: 74019

Specialist Diploma in Facility and Energy Management (SDFEM), comprising

Certificate in Facilities Management (MC-A)
Certificate in Building Management (MC-B)
Certificate in Electrical & Energy Management (MC-C)

Environment sustainability is increasingly gaining ground in the building and construction industry, buoyed by global concerns on climate change and limited natural resources. With the rising trend towards green technologies and renewable energy in the built environment, there is a need for professionals who are proficient in energy management to operate buildings for optimal building performance.
The Specialist Diploma in Facility and Energy Management (SDFEM) equips students with the essential knowledge to plan and manage building operations and maintenance efficiently.
The programme also incorporates Energy Management modules to give you the added competitive edge. This programme is available for registration as separate stackable modular certificates. Attainment of all 3 module certificates will lead to the award of the SDFEM.
The three modules may be taken in any order, as long as the candidate does not exceed a maximum of three years of candidature.

Module A - Certificate in Facilities Management (7 Jan - 29 Mar 2019)
• Introduction to Facilities Management
- Human Management for Facilities Management
- Space and Asset Management
- Building Legislation
- Risk Management
• BIM for Facilities Management
- BIM Fundamentals for Facilities Management
- AIR for Facilities Management
- BIM-Centric CMMS
• Integrated Digital Delivery for Facilities Management
- Data Analytics in Facilities Management
- Introduction to Internet of Things

Module B - Certificate in Building Management (6 May - 26 Jul 2019)
• Building Management
- Structural Appraisal
- Landscape and Horticulture
- Cleaning and Pest Control
- Security Management
- Project Management
• Building Works and Services
- Building Repair and Refurbishment
- Plumbing, Sanitary and Gas Systems
- Fire Protection Systems
- ACMV Systems

Module C - Certificate in Electrical & Energy Management (3 Sep - 30 Nov 2018)
• Building Electrical Services
- Solar Technologies
- Power Generation and Distribution
- Efficient Lighting
- Lifts and Escalator Systems
• Energy Management
- Energy Audit and Measurement
- Energy Management and Economics


1st Run (Module C): Starting on 3 Sep 2018
(Registration closing date: 3 Aug 2018)

Duration: 9 months (Full SDFEM) 
 3 months (Per Module)

Frequency: 2 evenings per week
(except for some courses which may be held on Saturdays)

Venue: BCA Academy

Fees: (Before subsidy, inclusive of GST)
S$5,200 (Full SDFEM - Certificates taken within 9 months)
S$1,733.33* (Module A or B) / S$1,733.34* (Module C)

(Modules to be taken separately, max. candidature of 3 years apply*)

Download Brochure here

For enquiries, please call 6248 9999; or email to


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