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Project Management for Professionals in the Building and Construction Industry

Event code: 73099

The management of construction projects requires knowledge of modern management as well as an understanding of the design and construction process. The role of project managers is to direct & co-ordinate the processes & resources during the life cycle of a project to achieve the project objectives.

The course aims to prepare professionals in the building and construction industry to take on the role of project managers. The course will equip the participants with necessary knowledge on the practices of project management to successfully manage a building project through all stages of implementation.

• Methodology of Project Management
Standards; core functions; stages and processes of project management; project life  cycles.
• Managing Consultancy Services & Consultants’ Contributions
Roles of client & consultants; selection, appointment, commissioning & management of consultancy services.
• Contracts & Cost Management
Engineering contracts; contracts statements; subcontracts; processes and procedures of cost management; cost control and risk analysis.
• Time and Productivity Management
Time management processes; Lean/JIT & 5-S principles; key productivity underpinnings.
• Quality Management System (QMS) Implementation
Creating a QM plan; quality control; total quality management; commissioning and
handing-over process.
• Risk Management
Risk management processes; Types of risks; Risk identification; Risk assessment; Risk reduction.
• Sustainable Construction
Tools to achieve sustainability; corporate social responsibility; Triple Bottom Line  approach.
• Value Engineering & Value Management
Application of value engineering and value management in a building project; processes involved.
• Case Studies of Successful Management of Projects (Local & Foreign)

The applicant must possess a Degree or Diploma which is relevant to construction industry and relevant work experience.

Assessment of participants will be based on project work presentation and a short test
consisting of MCQs. Certificate of Successful Completion (CSC) will be awarded to participants who meet the 75% attendance requirement and passed the required assessments.

15th Run: To be confirmed 
Duration: 12 evenings
(10 Lectures + 1 week break + 2 Project Presentation sessions)

Time: 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Venue: BCA Academy

Fee (incl of GST):
S$2,050.00 (without subsidy)
S$708.88 (with WTU funding support for eligible local participants*)

Refreshments will be provided.

*For more information on the funding requirement,
please refer to

In keeping with our green and sustainable practices, course notes will be available in e-format.

PEB: Pending
BOA-SIA: Pending
SPM: Pending
IES-ACES: Pending

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