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Renovation For Public Housing

Event code: 71015

Renovation for Public Housing

In order to conduct renovation work on HDB flats, the Registered Renovation Contractor (RRC) and its authorised persons must have successfully completed BCA’s “Renovation for Public Housing” course, and be listed in HDB’s Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC). This is part of the requirement to be fulfilled for new HDB RRC application, and renewal of existing HDB RRC registration.Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme to Directory of Renovation Contractors

To improve the professionalism of the renovation industry, in particular for public housing through knowledge training.


Topic 1-HDB Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC)
• Objectives
• Role of Registered Renovation Contractors
• Dos & Don’ts of Renovation Works
• Application of Renovation of Permit via Electronic Transaction (APEX)
Topic 2-Architectural Requirements
• Technical & Submission Requirements
Topic 3-Structural Requirements
• Types of HDB Buildings
• Submission Requirements & Permits
• Unauthorised Works
• Household Shelters
Topic 4-Electrical Requirements
• Guidelines for Electrical work
• Technical conditions
Topic 5-Mechanical Requirements
• Guidelines
• Technical specifications
Topic 6-Precast Components
• Details & its awareness
• Types of Precast Components
Topic 7-Prefab Toilets
• Renovation guidelines
• Maintenance guidelines

Topic 8-Building Regulations & Technical Requirements
• Technical Departments - Building & Construction Authority; Fire Safety & Shelter Bureau; SP Services; 

PUB-Water; PUB-Sewerage & Sanitary & Piped Gas
• Submission Requirements
• Qualified Persons
• Guidelines & Procedures
Topic 9-Project Planning & Organisation
• Planning Techniques
• Monitoring & Evaluation of Works
• Responsibilities & Organisation Structure
• Renovation Contracts
Topic 10-Building Materials & Components
• Common Defects in renovation works
• Practical Considerations on achieving quality in renovation works
• Quality Benchmarks

A participant must attain at least 75% of attendance to be eligible to take the end-of-course written test. Those who pass the test will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion.

New HDB RRC application and existing HDB RRC.


Date: 22 & 23 Apr 2019 (CLASS FULL)
Next intake: 24 & 25 Jun 2019
Test (0.5hr) will be conducted at the end of each day.

Duration: 2 days
(Lessons: 14 hrs, Test: 1hr)
Time: 8.30am to 5.30pm
Venue: BCA Academy
Fee (incl of GST): S$370.00*
Refreshments will be provided. (English)

In keeping with our green and sustainable practices, course notes will be available in e-format.

* Skills Development Fund (SDF) funding is pending for approval. To enjoy the SDF funding, companies are required to apply through SSG’s SkillsConnect system @ (terms and conditions may apply) and claim directly from SSG.
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