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Registered Earthworks Supervisor Course (Evening)

Event code 79E81 (evening class) _ Obsolete (convert to TFMS @ 16Jan2018)


Gas pipelines play an integral support role in the transmission of power. Similarly, electricity cables serve as an important link in supplying reliable transmission and quality power to consumers. Hence, adhering to good practices in cable and gas pipe damage prevention during earthwork, is critical to prevention of disruption to power supply, potential financial loss and delay in project delivery.
The Registered Earthworks Supervisor course aims to provide an overview of the relevant earthworks legislation and code of practice relating to construction earthworks carried out in the vicinity of the electricity cables/ gas pipes. Participants will learn about the key requirements of the relevant legislation, control measures and good practices to prevent damage to the underground cables, gas pipes and services. Case studies will also be discussed.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Understand the statutory requirements and legislation for earthworks of electricity cables under the Electricity Act (Cap 89A), Gas Act (Cap 116A) and Singapore Standard SS 576:2012 – Earthworks in the vicinity of Electricity Cables
• Plan, prepare and manage earthwork activities safely to prevent damage to electricity cables
• Supervise all earthworks and to communicate effectively with site personnel in the course of earthwork activities

• Overview of Electricity Act (Cap 89A) & Gas Act (Cap 116A)
• Introduction to underground electricity cables, gas pipes and services
• Safe Work Procedures on cable/ gas pipe damage prevention
• SP PowerGrid’s requirements for earthworks
• Registered Earthworks Supervisor Requirements in SS576:2012
• Supervisory skills in the prevention of damage to electricity cables/ gas pipes
• Case study

A Certificate of Successful Completion (CSC) for the course will be issued to participants who:
• Achieve at least 75% class attendance; and
• Pass the assessment.
A Statement of Attendance will be issued to participants who meet the attendance requirement but fail to pass, or did not attempt the assessment. Participant is allowed for 1 re-sit after failing first attempt. 
Participant has to re-take the full course if he/she fails the re-sit.

This course is targeted at any person whose trade or occupation requires or includes the supervision of earthworks.

Applicants must have the proficiency in English Language to read and write.


16th Run: 15 & 16 Jan 2018 (Day-class) 

17th Run: 22, 24, 29 & 31 Jan 2018 (evening) 

Duration: 2 days or 4 evenings

Day class: 8.30am to 5.15pm

Evening class: 6.30pm to 9.30 pm (1st 3 evenings)
5.30pm to 10.00pm (Last evening, include assessment)

Venue: BCA Academy, 200 Braddell Road, Singapore 579700

Fee (incl of GST): S$500.00
Tea breaks will be provided.


IES-ACES: Pending (Structural) 

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